Cambridge Kundalini Yoga

Zero or Shunya is like a flexible hinge allowing for movement in multiple directions and dimensions.
John Beaulieu

Thursday Night Class

~ Thursday Night Class ~

7 - 9:10pm
St. Mary's Church
8 Inman St., Cambridge, MA
(right behind Life Alive on Mass Ave)
Free Parking Available behind Church

The fee is $20 for drop-ins, or $60 (4 classes). Please use Venmo or Paypal to prepay and that will act as an event registration and will secure your spot. As always, let us know if payment is a hardship.

Thurs, May 4th – Sahaj Loheed & Dharam
Thurs, May 11th – Hari Dass & Dharam
Thurs, May 18th – Hari Dass & Dharam
Thurs, May 25th – Sahaj-Shelley & Dharam
Thurs, June 1st – Hari Dass & Dharam
Thurs, Jun 8th – Hari Dass & Dharam
Thurs, Jun 15th – Hari Dass & Dharam
Thurs, Jun 22rd – Hari Dass & Dharam

Sita Joti



Hari Dass

Sach Prem

John Hunt

Sat Bir



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