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Zero or Shunya is like a flexible hinge allowing for
movement in multiple directions and dimensions
- John Beaulieu

~ Thursday Night Yoga ~

Calling all Yogis for an
in-person Outdoor Class with Hari Dass!

details below....

HHari Dass Kaur teaching on
July 30th at
Beaver Brook Park in Belmont

Dearest yogis,
we are gathering in Beaver Brook Park in Belmont this Thursday night at 7pm. Oh, imagine the dancing! And yoga, of course. No Dharam (insert sad sound)..... but I will bring my gong. And we'll be together!
Itís Beaver Brook Reservation but it has a few parking lots. This is the one you need! Note that itís off Waverley Oaks Rd and NOT Trapelo. And look for the stone gate entrance from the parking lot. Just walk down the path and you will see us in the big field surrounded by beautiful tall trees. Plenty of room for social distancing there. Bring your fave masks, yoga gear (mats, cushions, light blankets) and extra, extra water! Canít wait to see you.

Hari Dass
Always together.
Love you all so much!

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