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Zero or Shunya is like a flexible hinge allowing for
movement in multiple directions and dimensions
- John Beaulieu

~ Thursday Night Yoga ~
at 6PM - 8:15pm

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GongYogi or Biliana Yogini
eDoors will open at 5:45 so we can make sure everyone is up to speed.
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HHari Dass Kaur teaching
Oct 22th with
Gong Meditation by
Dharam Singh,

Dearest yogis, I know how tired, screen fatigued and overwhelmed you may be feeling. Still, consider joining us for class tomorrow night.

We are fast approaching a massive lunar eclipse (emotions may feel out of control) and we are still dealing with 6 planets in retrograde (blocks, block, blocks)! This is an unprecedented time that calls for moving the body, not the mind, and getting still and manifesting true transformation. Surrendering the head to the heart.
Our nation needs a re-birth and until all its people are included in the right to freedom, happiness and life, we donít have much to celebrate except for hope for a change. That change starts within and then spreads its beautiful mighty wings into the rest of humanity. We will practice a powerful heart opening set and meditate together for deep healing. We have work to do and we always do it better together. And itís more fun, right?

See you tonight at 7 pm EST.
Always together.
Love you all so much,
Hari Dass

All Classes will be Online until who knows

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