Cambridge Kundalini Yoga  





Zero or Shunya is like a flexible hinge allowing for
movement in multiple directions and dimensions
- John Beaulieu

~ Thursday Night Class ~
7- 9:10pm
St. Mary's Church
8 Inman St., Cambridge, MA
(right behind Life Alive on Mass Ave)
$15 a class
Free Parking Available behind Church

Andrea Sat Bir teaching
this Thurs,
Feb 6th

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Free Parking Available behind Church

Thurs - Jan 30th
Dharam & the gongs
Thurs - Feb 6th
Andrea Sat Bir & Dharam
Thurs - Feb 13th
Thurs - Feb 20th
Thurs - Feb 27th
Andrea Lieberherr & Dharam
Thurs - Mar 5th
Thurs - Mar 12th

Sita Joti



Hari Dass

Sach Prem

John Hunt

Sat Bir


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